Cricket Betting Odds: How Odds Work, How to Read and Calculate Odds

In sports betting, especially cricket, it is very important to know how to calculate the odds of winning. How well you can calculate the probability of winning will directly determine your earnings.

On this page, we’ve put together a detailed guide to cricket betting and how to make money from the oldest sport in the world, which has been part of the Olympics since 1900. Sign up at trusted bookmakers’ sites, follow the instructions, and make money.

Read our cricket match odds guide, mainly if you are new to online betting.

Sites That Offer the Best Cricket Betting Odds

Our experts have created this article to help Indian players learn all about cricket betting odds. We have compiled here for you all the necessary information and detailed instructions to help you understand cricket betting and odds.

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Live Cricket Betting Odds

If you are looking for more entertainment while watching your favorite sports events and leagues, consider betting on live odds. Who knows – you could win a small bet. As compared to the regular betting odds, Live cricket match odds online change fast. 

This means punters need to dive in the line speedily before they disappear. However, the in-play odds only alter during a commercial break or timeout. It offers punters an opportunity to change the wager or place a new wager during the event.

Watch sports events carefully while betting live.

Cricket Betting Odds Explanation

Understanding Betting Odds in 5 Minutes

Caan Berry explains how betting odds work in sport, what platforms are best and how you should be thinking about betting odds. It’s a key explainer if you’re a sports fan.

There are american, fractal and decimal odds that differs by their calculation.

Odds provide a measure of the likelihood of a particular outcome. They are calculated as the ratio of the number of events that produce that outcome to the number that do not. Odds are commonly used in gambling and statistics.


Cricket odds are the term used by the cricket betting bookies to show the occurrence of a particular outcome in the cricket event. Many betting websites showcase them in the decimal or fraction format. Cricket betting odds comparison will benefit you the most.

Learn more about cricket betting odds to place bets accurately.

How Does it work?

If you recently placed a wager on your favorite cricket league, here is how you can compute the amount you will win if you become a winner.

Profit  = (Stake * Betting Odd) – Stake

For example:

Suppose you have placed a $20 bet on India with odds of 1.35 to beat Australia in the One Day International (ODI) match.

Profit = ($10*1.35) – ($10)=$13.50 – $10= $3.50

This means you will get a profit of $3.50 on a $20 bet if India defeats Australia.

Why Are Odds Important?

Odds display your payout on a bet. Different online sportsbooks will display odds differently depending on the location and sport you are wagering on. By understanding different Betfair cricket match odds, you can avoid placing a wager on the matches and events with bad odds.

Choose a platform with the most profitable odds to bet on.

Cricket Odds in Detail

In the betting world, knowing how to bet with odds matters a lot. You need to understand that cricket betting is a business. But if a betting platform offers you the exact odds, now will they make a profit?

Also, if you are doing cricket betting at just one bookie, you miss out on a chance to win big in a short time. Remember, when you wager on cricket matches, identifying probabilities is challenging. It is because there are tons of variables that make it tough to reach the exact figure. 

The great way to find the best cricket odds is to compare diverse sportsbooks for the best value on your wager, just like you do when you buy a new car or another expensive item. Furthermore, if you might have more knowledge than the cricket betting provider, you notice an error in their odds calculation. In this case, you can win profits for the long term.

This section will explain how to calculate odds and how betting odds work, especially in cricket.

Read carefully to understand all the aspects of cricket betting sports.

How to Calculate Cricket Betting Odds?

It is important to compute your payout before you start cricket betting. By knowing how the probabilities and cricket Betfair odds work, you can find the best bets. There are two ways to calculating cricket betting odds – manually using formula and odds calculator of odds checker cricket.

You can choose whichever way you want to find better odds.

Using Formula

Using quite simple formulas, you can calculate two types of useful cricket betting odds using them.    

Odds are the ratio of the winning probability to the probability of losing, or vice versa. If your forecast is right, you will triumph.

If the odds are given as the odds of winning from A to B, you can calculate the following things:

  • Probability of winning
  • Probability of losing

To do this, use just two simple formulas from the table below:

The winning probability by: The losing probability by: 
PW = A / (A + B) PL = B / (A + B)


Now, let’s replace the letter with numbers – 3/1

A = 3 and B =1

The winning probability 
= 3 / (3+1) = ¾ = 0.75
The losing probability 
=1/ (3+1) = ¼= 0.25

This means it’s a 75% chance of an event will happen and a 25$ chance not to happen.

Using Odds checker Tool

Most cricket betting platforms have an in-built feature to calculate the winnings of punters in real-time. If this is not available with your betting site, you can use Odds checker cricket. It lets you compare cricket odds, find the best rate and bet with the top cricket bookies. 

How to Bet on Cricket with Odds?

If you want to turn online cricket betting into a supply of income, it is important to find the value of online cricket betting odds constantly.
Most online bookies have a pre-built feature that lets the punters change between odd types. It is usually located in the account settings as a drop-down option in the bets section. Below are three ways in which sportsbooks show betting odds for cricket.

American Odds

American odds are the betting odds used by American sports bookies. This format type is not complicated to understand for newcomers in the betting world. American-style odds have a positive or negative sign before the odds

It's quite simple to understand this cricekt betting odds.


TypesPositive Moneyline OddsNegative Moneyline Odds
FormulaPotential Profit = Stake * (Odds/100)Profit = Stake / (Odds/100)

How to Use?

Moneyline odds are of two types:

  • Favorites

They come with a negative sign, which indicates that betting on that outcome will let you grab less amount than your real wager. 

  • Undergods

They come with a positive sign, which signifies that betting on that outcome will let you grab more money than your real wager.


-110 means you need to stake 110 to make a profit of $100. +130 indicates that you will get 130 if you bet $100.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds represent the profit associated with the stake. The number on the left of the fraction shows the profit you will make if you stake the am0ount on the fraction’s right side.

These betting odds require a little mathematics to calculate the probable profit.

For Single BetsFor Multiple Bets
FormulaStake * (L / R) + 1) = Return Stake * ((L / R) + 1) * ((L / R) + 1) * ((L / R) + 1) = Return

Fractional odds of 3/1 mean you will get 3 units profit for every 1 unit you stake. If 1 Unit is $10, then you would get a return of $40. If the fraction is larger on the right side, this means you need to bet more than you will get profit. 

However, if the fraction’s left side is larger than the right side, then the outcome has less chance of occurring.

Decimal Odds 

The decimal odds are quite simple to understand for the punters. Now almost every sports betting platform will provide this option. The format is a numerical representation of the expected return of wager, including the stake amount. 

Decima odds formula = Stake * Odds = Return

Punters use decimal www Betfair com cricket odds to find out which rate offers them better value for their wager. For example, if you bet $10 on the match to triumph having odds 1.21, your total payout would be $12.10 if you won.

In decimal style betting odds, 2.0 are regarded as even and means you can double your amount if you wager at 2.0. However, if the odds are under 2.0, the event has more probability of occurring and has 50% higher winning chances.

Betacular Betfair Cricket Odds

Betfair Betacular Viewer app is a fully functional app by Betacular Ltd for punters that want to know match odds cricket. It loads fast and has minimum system requirements. 

It is available in Google Play Store and third-party sources. We advise punters to avoid downloading it from any third party site. Remember, there is no separate Betfair cricket odds application.

RequirementsAndroid version 4.1 and up

To see Betfair odds cricket, you need to know how to use the app.

1. Download App

The very first thing is to download the application.

From Google Play Store

Download the official Betacular Betfair Viewer app from the Google Play Store by using the steps below:

  1. Find Betfair Betacular Viewer
  2. Start Download
  3. Open an app

From Site

  1. Enter BC Site
  2. Begin Downloading an app
  3. Install it
  4. Launch it

Now you can start using the app to know cricket betting odds.

2. Follow Odds

This step will let you follow the odds on cricket odds markets as your favorite cricket match or event occurs.

Step 1: Find Your Game

Open the app and head to All sports > cricket.

Step 2: Match Odds
After that, go-to favorites and match odds to see Betfair cricket market odds.

Find the most profitable odds and place a bet on you sport event.


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