How to use Astropay card for betting in India

It is as if the AstroPay card in India has taken India by storm. The betting-loving people seem to be leaning towards Astro pay. The lack of verification of Astropay India promises great salvation of privacy. With the unnecessary restriction lifted up Astro pay works as a far more convenient tool for the majority of normal people. As the users of Astropay India increase so do the betting companies of India. With their observations, the companies now make sure to include Astro pay card India in their transaction system.  

In this review, we tell you how to use an Astropay account for betting in India.

Sports betting sites in India that accept Astropay Card

As Astropay India gives its users more space and privacy to work with, the online betting community has taken a liking to that idea of Astro pay. As Astropay India doesn’t need any extra hassle to use, everyone gets to use Astro pay very easily. This anonymously of Astropay India has attracted the online gamblers like honey attracts bees. 

With that keeping in mind, the larger companies have all included Astropay India as a payment method. With one of the fastest transactions, even the betting companies are beginning to see the appeal of Astro pay. Here are some of those top betting companies that use Astropay India as their transaction method along with a very small description for you to choose from one of these websites that use Astro pay.   

  1. Betway. They give a 100% bonus of up to 8000 rupees as a welcome bonus. 
  2. Bet365. The welcome bonus here is up to 4000 rupees in Bet Credits. 
  3. 22bet. One of the highest bonuses of 100% up to 10000 rupees.  
  4. 1xbet. They also give a 100% bonus of up to 8000 rupees as a welcome bonus.
  5. Betwinner. Much like the previous ones they also give a 100% bonus of up to 8000 rupees as a welcome bonus.
  6. Royal Panda. Offers a free bet of 2500 rupees and a 2500 rupee worth of welcome bonus. 
  7. KTO. Start your journey risk-free with a 10 dollar worth of risk-free betting. 
  8. 88sport. 30 dollars worth of free bet is activated when 10 dollars is first wagered. 
  9. Rizk. Lets you bet free of up to 5000 rupees. 
  10. Everyday. Yes, every day this one offers boosted odds. 

There are about 10 betting sites that accept Astropay transfers.

Review of the Astropay Card

Astropay India has made its primary objective to be helpful and controversial at the same time. The idea behind Astro pay is that it is much more accessible than the others. While this is an interesting take from the Astropay card in India, other results for that reason are sure to arise and they have. Here is a list of the good and the bad for the users to see and choose if they want to use an Astro pay card in India or not.

Astropay is much more accessible than other deposit methods for betting accounts.

Pros and Cons of Astropay Card


  • One of the best things about Astropay India is that Astro pay doesn’t require very much information. Astropay India doesn’t even ask for any kind of verification or anything. 
  • Astro pay can be used by people of any age. Both young and old get to reap the benefits of Astropay India.
  • Astropay India ranks on top of some of the fastest transitioning cards out there. 
  • One of the best parts is that you get to save money as Astro pay doesn’t require any kind of extra fees. 
  • Indian users get an upper hand by getting to use the rupee as a currency in Astropay India. 
  • The Astro card can be bought very easily and quickly.


  • Astropay card India do not feature any withdrawal of money using Astro card. 

Note our pros and cons to decide if you need an Astropay card or not.

How to create a betting account

In order to bet online using an Astropay card in India, one must have a betting account first. It is only through the betting account that one can use the Astro card. But much like having an Astropay card account, having a betting account has also a set of rules. It is extremely easy to open a betting account. But we will still show you the way just so you don’t get lost in there or face any issues:

Visit the website

Go to the website you select to bet on.

Go to the official website to sign up.

Click “Open Account”

Access the open account option.

Press the 'Register' button to create an account.

Enter your details

Provide them with the data they ask for.

Fill in the real personal and contact details.

Go through verification

Verify your account based on the information you provide to them.

Verify the account to complete the registration.

Choose Astropay

Select Astropay card in India as payment method.

Choose an AstroPay Card in the deposit section.

How to deposit with Astropay card in India

Buy an Astropay Card

The accessibility of buying an Astropay card in India is one of the main reasons why Astro card has become so popular over the years. As the primary objective of Astropay card India was to make depositing money easier for the masses, the company of Astro pay has made sure that buying an Astropay card in India should be just as easy. First of all, you can buy and use it at any age or situation you want. Now you can use the methods below to your Astro pay card. 

  • PhonePe
  • UPI
  • INB (Indian Net Banking)
  • Google Pay
  • Freecharge
  • Airtel
  • JioMoney
  • OlaMoney
  • Neteller
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum 
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple

Before buying an Astropay card in India you must know that the lowest amount of Astro pay that can be bought is 70 rupees. Now, in order to buy an Astropay card India you need to click on the Checkout option. Here are the rest of the steps that you must follow to buy your Astro pay card.

  1. Open an account. Go to opening an account option for Astropay. 
  2. Enter your details. Give Astro pay the required info like your email. 
  3. Verify email. Confirm your Astropay India account through your email. 

Going through this procedure will give you access to buying an Astro pay online card. Even though it is easy to buy an Astropay card in India using the methods mentioned above, one may also buy the Astro pay online card using many other means as well. 

You need to buy an Astropay card to use it for the deposit of the betting account.

Claim a welcome bonus

By depositing money through Astropay India anyone can get a bonus from the betting sites. Due to a competitive market giving out a bonus has become mandatory in the field of online gambling. So after using the Astro pay online to transact, the transferred money will unlock a great deal of bonus. In fact, some of the betting companies will even go so far as to give out bonuses every week. 

Despite that, the welcome bonus is almost always the biggest bonus they give away. But there is a little trick to it. You see that Astropay India has a set of rules in spite of all the freedom Astro pay online provides to its users. The lowest deposit has to be at least 70 rupees and the highest deposit can be 80,000 rupees in an Astropay account. But most of the betting websites would say that in order to unlock the bonus the user has to deposit at least 1,000 rupees. So, all the terms should be read before using Astro pay online to deposit the money. 

After you buy an Astropay card, don't forget to claim a welcome bonus.

Place your bet

This is the final step of using Astropay India for the sake of betting. Actually, there isn’t much of any role remaining for an Astropay account to be used. An Astropay account is mostly needed until the deposit is made. After the use of the Astro pay card, the only thing remaining is to bet using the betting website. 

After money transfers from an Astropay card to your betting account, place a bet.

Astropay Card FAQ

Can I use Astro Pay legally in India?

Astropay card is completely legal in India. It is a safe mode of transaction that eases the hassle an online trader may face. Also, there hasn’t been any report of Astro pay online doing any kind of mischief whatsoever. With a service and good reputation like that the judicial court of India has declared full authority to Astropay card so that Astro pay online can operate fully functionally all over India.

How to buy an Astropay card in India?

Astropay cards are very easy to use as well as to buy. Indian people who are interested in using an Astro card can buy it via a big part of the e-wallets or cryptocurrency. They just have to open an Astropay account and buy at least a 70 rupee Astropay card in India. That is the lowest number while buying an Astro pay card. The highest is to buy an 80,000 rupee worth Astro pay card.

How to make an Astro payment?

Making an Astro pay online payment is easy. If one has an Astropay account they just have to use their Astro pay card. As all the classified info of your bank account is saved out there by Astropay they will directly connect the bank account with the Astro pay server. So the money that you will be spending on your betting or any other transaction will directly be made by the Astropay account for you and without any hesitation.

Is Astro Pay available for buying with Indian Rupees?

The Indian rupee is a major currency in Astropay. Astro pay has this currency to ease the transaction of the Indian people. Using the rupee makes the day-to-day transaction of the regular gambler much easier thanks to Astropay.

On which betting sites can I transact with an Astro Pay Card?

There are many renowned betting websites out there that have made Astro pay one of their main transaction methods. With the rising surge of users of Astropay, there are barely any betting sites out there that don’t use Astro pay as one of their main transaction methods. So here are a few betting websites that use Astropay – Betwinner, Royal Panda, KTO, Betway, Bet365, 22bet, 1xbet, 88sport, Rizk,, etc.


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