How to Use Skrill for Betting in India

For Indian players, we highly suggest Skrill money transfer. This e-wallet has been established and is the best and most accurate way to finance Indian sites. As additional qualities, you can add small costs, confidential credibility, and excellent customer service. You can also use the Skrill app. In addition, you can send money from Skrill to PayPal, to bank account, to Neteller, and also to Payoneer very easily.

You will use your Skrill login for other online shopping and sending money to family and friends. You will get the entire review about money transfer, withdrawal fee and limits, account verification in India on this page.

In our review, we explain how to use a Skrill account for betting.

Which the Betting Sites in India Accept Skrill?

Every casino and betting site in India is accepting transfers and deposits in skrill. Now we are going to give you detailed information about the skrill facility in every betting site in India.

RankBookmakerBonusTurnoverFree Spins
1Betway Live Casino100% Up To ₹90,00030x bonus amount0
2Pure Casino100% Up To ₹10,00035x bonus amount0
3Casino Days100% Bonus up to ₹20,000 Cash35x bonus amount0
4CasumoDeposit ₹1,000 and get ₹2,00030x bonus amount0
522Bet Casino100% Up To ₹25,00050x bonus amount0
6Genesis Casino100% Up To ₹30,00040x bonus amount20
7Europa Casino100% Up To ₹7,000 + ₹168,00030x bonus amount500
8ComeOn Casino100% Up To ₹10,00034x bonus amount0
9Casinoin100% Bonus Up To ₹200,00050x bonus amount60
10Twin Casino100% Up To ₹40,00040x bonus amount400

Review of Skrill

Skrill is a kind of bank account that only runs online. In a number of ways, players can bankroll their Skrill sign-in. Credit or debit cards and bank transfers are most common. You can only use the money held in your Skrill login. Online deposits can be made, products and services can be shopped online and monies transferred to other persons. You can also withdraw the funds in your Skrill account log in to your bank account if you do not need them. Skrill India also gives so many benefits to its users. A Skrill login and withdrawal limits are easy to use and operate. There are some differences and INR currency transaction issues with Skrill India but it is one of the fastest ways to transfer the fund. You can also use the Skrill app. Every online casino and gambling sites are using Skrill India on their transaction features. Even people can buy things online and complete some important online transactions through a Skrill sign-in. 

Using a Skrill account has many advantages for betting players.

Pros and Cons of Using Skrill

Not only in India, but skrill login is also one of the most popular online money transfer and deposit platforms all over the world. Among other e-wallets, Skrill login has its own unique features and services. For its fastest money transfer and payment services, it becomes the world’s largest payment method of casinos and gambling sites. You can also use the Skrill app. Now we are going to give you a skrill review and a Skrill money transfer review of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • The Skrill deposit is instant, immediate, and fast meaning that the money will be found on your casino account automatically.
  • Skrill India is the world-renowned form of deposit embraced by nearly all online and betting casinos worldwide.
  • Skrill India has the lowest fees among other e-wallets services in India.
  • Skrill account login strictly maintains the privacy issue of its users. skrill login always keeps confidential its user’s online casino transactions. There is no need for third-party involvement unlike a credit card or bank statement.
  • skrill login gives the facility to keep track of all the transactions by its users. 
  • All skrill login transactions are carried out through secure and encrypted links. You may also be confident your payments are safe. If you gamble or play on several web platforms, Skrill India stops your bank account or credit card data from putting on your site’s databases.
  • The major benefit offered by Indian players is their alarming INR currency transactions by skrill login.
  • You can send money from Skrill to PayPal, bank account, Neteller, and also to Payoneer very easily.


  • As Skrill is known to be a gambling deposit method, The Indian Reserve Bank doesn’t allow the transaction directly from the Skrill account login. (We will show you the legal and pepper procedure).
  • Skrill charges in India are 2.5 percent higher than other methods of payment.

There are more pros to have a Skrill account than cons.

How to deposit with Skrill in India?

For using the Skrill account login you need to know the proper method to set up and login. In this particular section, we are going to give you the procedures of deposit in the Skrill account step by step.

How to create a betting account?

For creating a betting account, first, you need to go to the desired betting website or download the betting app. After that select, the button signup, create an account, or register. Then fill out all the boxes with correct information and after finishing login with your email, phone number, and password. Without opening the betting account you cannot deposit money, withdraw money from the betting site with your Skrill account login. So for using a Skrill account login in betting sites you need to create an account on a betting site before login.

Register a betting account, and then transfer money from your Skrill e-wallet.

How to open a Skrill account?

Having a Skrill account is very essential nowadays. You can send money from Skrill to PayPal, to bank account, to Neteller, and to Payoneer very easily. You must have an account with the Skrill account login platform before you can deposit money into an online casino via Skrill login. The Skrill account verification is pretty easy as well. In India, it’s really easy to open a Skrill account login eWallet. If you wish to get access to all the functionality on the website and boost your transaction limits, you will have to take a very long verification process.

Before talking about the verification part now we are going to describe your skrill sign-in, skrill login, Skrill account login information.

Go to the Skrill Website and press “Register” at the right top of your computer screen to open a Skrill account login. Clicking on the person icon at the top left of the website would then register whether you browse from a mobile device. You can also scroll back up and click “Open a free account” at the end of the home page. By doing these steps properly you can easily open a skrill sign-in. The skrill account verification will follow.

On the registration page, all you need to fill up are First Name, Last Name, Country, Currency, Email, Password. Be sure your information is right, as you will have to review your information later. If you finish filling out your form, press register to become a proud owner of a Skrill account login! Skrill India will give you an email that confirms your skrill sign-in is working now. Please remember, your enrollment is not complete until the first payment is made while your new skrill login is enabled.

Open a Skrill account to deposit money from wallet to casino account.

How to Verify Your Skrill Account?

The Skrill account verification process is a very easy and authentic one. It is not mandatory to instantly validate your skrill sign in, but it is very critical that you finally take some time in order to increase your boundaries, you can submit and receive funding to a restricted degree, after which additional transfers are not permitted when you open a new skrill login. By finishing the authentication process, this can be stopped! The skrill account verification takes a very short time as well.

Skrill will ask you to validate your ID with an upload of one of the following copies during your verification: 

  • The clear front page and back of your driving license.
  • The photo page of your passport.
  • The front page and back page of your Aadhaar card.

You will be asked to check and take a selfie. Click “Settings” and pick “Verification” to reach the account verification tab. This method can definitely be a little bit tedious, so make sure you carefully obey the directions to get correct. If the customer service is stuck or a detailed guide on the “FAQ” tab is still available for you. You can also use the Skrill app. You will get an email address after the authentication process is done.

Verifying your Skrill account won't take a lot of time.

How to Place Your Bet on Skrill India?

The next move is to deposit money into your Skrill account eWallet now that you have completed your registration. This is a significant step to take before depositing money in Skrill’s online casino. You are asked to choose whether the money is used for gaming or non-spieling purposes whether you deposit money into your Skrill account with debit or credit cards. You cannot use your money to fund your online casino account if you choose “non-gambling”.

You are ready to move some money into an online casino and continue playing their favorite games now that your Skrill login has been financed. Probably, it is the easiest part of the whole workout! Most notably, you chose an online casino that takes deposits from Skrill. You can also use the Skrill app to do that. This will not be very complicated, because most Indian online casinos allow Skrill India deposits.

You should transfer money from Skrill to your betting account before bet.

How to Withdraw Money from Skrill in India?

It gets very easy if you know how to withdraw money from Skrill to an Indian bank account. A Skrill withdrawal fee of 195.30 INR is indicated by the withdrawal of primary Indian banking accounts. Skrill India will make other ways of withdrawing Skrill account Cards in several other countries: withdrawals from Skrill account Card cost 1.75% and withdrawals from credit/debit cards cost 7.5%. The withdrawal limits are easy too. Two other main considerations have to be taken into focus. Skrill login applies a premium of between 2.99 and 4.99 percent to the exchange rate on trades requiring currency transfer. This demonstrates the utility of INR transfers for Indians. If the account is unused for more than one year, extra charges are imposed. That is how to withdraw money from Skrill to an Indian bank account.

You can withdraw money from Skrill to a bank account.

Fees in Skrill

  1. Skrill sign in transfers money to Skrill account – 2,99% per account for all customers. Skrill India VIPs can also give the Skrill withdrawal fee-free of charge.
  2. Currency transfer charge – applied to Skrill account wholesale exchange rates of 4.49 percent per transaction.
  3. International Payment sends money transactions The international transfers in the same send and gets currency are subject to dollar transfers – up to 4.99 percent per contract. Very easy Skrill withdrawal limits.
  4. Foreign transactions give FX cash charges – up to 4.99% per transaction.
  5. Skrill withdrawal fee payments into a NETELLER account – 3.49% per transaction.
  6. Deposit to Skrill- 2.50% of amount uploaded.
  7. Skrill Withdrawal fee from Skrill INR-  492.25 per withdrawal.
  8. Skrill to Skrill withdrawal fee – 1.45%

You must know about the fees before transfer money from or to Skrill account.

Skrill FAQ

Is Skrill legal in India?

Yes! Skrill is open and legal in India as a payment method.

Is Skrill safe to bet with?

Yes, Absolutely. With the same safety and effectiveness requirements as sites used for banking and shares trading services, Skrill was built. Using the high-security 128-bit VeriSign licensed Stable Socket Layer (SSL) technology, your username, personal, and all cash transactions are covered by the VeriSign certification. You can also use the Skrill app.

Can I use Skrill in India?

Yes, Skill is available and open in India and other 199 countries.

How to open a Skrill account in India?

Filling up the registration form on the skrill website with the right information you can open an account in Skrill India.

How to verify a Skrill account in India?

By following the Skrill verification India process and providing the required documents you can easily verify a skrill login in India. You can also use the Skrill app in India.

How to deposit money in Skrill from India?

You can deposit via cards, or other deposit methods like bank transfer, Neteller, Paytm, or cryptocurrency in Skrill from India.

How to withdraw money from Skrill to an Indian bank account?

By paying the conversion rate and fees, selecting your bank account you can easily withdraw your money from a skrill login to an Indian bank account.

How to use Skrill in India?

By downloading the Skrill account app or from the skrill website you can use Skrill in India for a casino deposit, transaction, withdrawal, online shopping, or other reasons. You can send money from skrill to PayPal, bank account, Neteller, and Payoneer very easily.


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