Live Cricket Betting

Largely thanks to IPL, cricket is moving as quickly as it does, and pre-match betting now simply isn’t enough!

Live betting platforms in India allow punters to wager on sports as they take place, serving up dynamic odds and plenty of betting options to provide a thrilling online betting experience by creating a feeling of full emergence into the game. If you are a cricket admirer, you’ll absolutely adore cricket in-play betting.

"Cricket betting online" is a specialized site about cricket betting in India, the intricacies of bets on it, odds, championships, and more.

Live Cricket Betting Meaning

Live betting, or ‘in-play betting, is the vertex of online wagering joy – the ability to bet on your favourite teams and players while the action evolves in real-time. Imagine betting on the IPL just as Ravichandran Ashwin is getting ready to bowl! Think of the amount of betting options on offer – balls, overs, wickets, runs, types of dismissals, most sixes, and so on, that are available at almost every minute of the game, and the hot odds that are generated instantly only adding to the excitement.

Top Cricket Betting Sites for Live Betting

Explore our list of the Top Cricket Betting Sites in India for 2021 to decide which one suits you most. We’ve included only the best legitimate, trustworthy and safe betting sites with the outstanding wagering opportunities offered: alluring bonuses, high odds, diverse and speedy deposit and withdrawal methods, sites with the nicest functionality and performance and excellent customer support.

  1. Parimatch;
  2. Betway;
  3. 1Win;
  4. Casumo;
  5. MostBet;
  6. Bet365;
  7. 4rabet;
  8. 10cric;
  9. Betwinner;
  10. 1xBet.

Top Cricket Betting Apps for Live Betting

We can’t always be home to watch our favourite sports. What if you’re out watching an IPL match with friends and feel the urge to make a bet? Thankfully, there are live betting mobile apps that have been perfectly designed for in-play betting on the go. These apps allow you to place live wagers and check out in-play statistics from anywhere there is an internet connection.

  1. Parimatch App;
  2. Betway App;
  3. 1Win App;
  4. Casumo App;
  5. MostBet App;
  6. Bet365 App;
  7. 4rabet App;
  8. 10Cric App;
  9. Betwinner App;
  10. 1xBet App.

How Live, In-Play Betting Works

Even though the names look similar, in-play betting (live betting) differs from the in-game one and in fact has much more to offer sports enthusiasts.

Live betting takes place throughout the game, just as it is happening in real-time. The major advantage of making in-play bets is in the possibility of evaluating a game before you wager. Studying statistics and researching the team and players will also play in your favour.

The major feature of in-play betting is that bettors have to be very focused on both the game and odds screen: there may only be a few seconds when particular live wagers are available. The odds change after almost every play, and if there’s a certain number available that makes sense to bet, the opportunity may only be available for 10 to 20 seconds.

Live betting isn’t for everyone. In addition to recognizing what each wager is for, the bettor must be quick on the draw. This also means that the bettor must have a mobile device turned and be logged in to an account. The accounts should be funded so a bet may be placed as soon as the numbers make sense for it.

Types of Live Cricket Bets You Can Make

Major cricket betting sites offer punters a number of markets to wager money on. These range from the basic match/tournament winner and top batsman/bowler bets to the more advanced markets like man of the match and highest opening partnership. Here we present to you the most popular types of bets in cricket.

  • Match/ Tournament Winner. This is by far the most common type of bet you will find on nearly every cricket betting site. When placing a bet on a match/series winner for limited-overs format, you simply need to predict which team will win that match/series. However, for test matches, you will also get a third option to bet on i.e. draw;
  • Top Batsman/Bowler. Here, you will have to predict which batsman will score the most runs and which bowler will finish with the best bowling figures at the end of an innings or at the end of a match;
  • Toss Winner. At the start of every match, be it test, ODI or T20 international, a coin is flipped to decide which team will bat/bowl first and all you need to do is simply predict the winner of the toss. No skills are required here and winning this bet requires sheer luck;
  • Man of the Match. A player who gives the best performance on the field becomes the man of the match at the end of a game and you need to predict that player. This type of bet is a little tricky and requires good knowledge about all the players in the lineups of both teams;
  • Highest Opening Partnership. This is another type of betting market that bettors like to punt on and here you need to predict which team’s opening batsmen will score more runs between them in a match. This involves a great deal of research as a certain opening batsman may have a poor record against a certain bowler of the opposition.

Live Betting Tips

We would like to provide you with several tips before you start betting live. It goes without saying that firstly you should know the sport you are going to gamble on. This means that you have to know the ins and outs of cricket in every single detail. So here are more practical tips we want to share.

  • Examine the Conditions. Cricket matches and their outcomes mostly depend on the conditions, for example, venue of the tournament,  weather conditions, and pitch details. Any player betting on cricket should keep a close eye on the location and its weather forecast – rain has a massive impact on in which direction the match will go;
  • Do the Analysis of the Players. You must have the basic knowledge about the players as to which player is going to outshine after the match and take the match to the next level. Also it is important to know which bowler is going to throw massive wickets. An individual player or the whole team has the capacity of taking the team to another level of the match and can also lead to the victory. Be wise!
  • Watch the game. It is the only way to know what is going on and to catch everything that may give you an edge like momentum injuries and swings;
  • Don’t Hustle. Do not pull the trigger on new bets right away. You should wait a minute to see if a line will change in your favour. Something will often pop up, and that is +EV. However, you will only find it if you are patient.

We hope that these help. However, of course, your mileage will vary.


How to Make Money on Live Cricket Betting?

To make money on live betting, you need to learn about the teams that are involved in the match as well as have in-depth knowledge about cricket. In addition to this, you will have to start with small smart bets and pay attention to the little details. If you make smart decisions, your chances of winning increase considerably.

What does +100 Mean in Cricket Betting?

The +100 is a type of American odds. If a bet has an odd of +100 it means that you will have a chance of winning 100% profit. So, for example, if you place a bet for INR 300, then you will gain a profit of INR 300 making the total payout INR 600.

Can I Watch Cricket Live Streaming on the App?

Yes, you can. After you download the app, register, and place a bet, all you have to do is wait for the event to start, and the button to watch the broadcast will appear.