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Cricket Betting Online is a website where cricket betting fans can find cricket matches, the latest news, and the best odds from top Indian betting critics. The main advantage of online betting on cricket matches is that sports fans can easily access and conveniently obtain information at any time. Our team members keep on updating the list of sportsbooks reviews.

Our Mission

We are here to provide you with the best betting tips and best quality articles about cricket, you can find anywhere on the Internet! To this day, we still follow the original plan to become the leading cricket betting portal on the Internet and help other bettors find the best betting portal to place (cricket) bets. Moreover, we will still follow this vision and keep the latest sports expo comment list.

The focus on our website is to provide the best cricket betting tips for free! These tips are written by professional cricket writers but are usually combined with a trusted circle of professional bettors.

The betting sites reviewed on this site are all sites used by our betting team when analyzing the game, so these are all cricket betting that we use and can guarantee.

Our Experts

Mehdi Mckinney

Mehdi Mckinney is a leading sports journalist, analyst and editor-in-chief of our resource. He has about 15 years of experience in sports journalism. More than 7 years ago, he got into betting on his favorite sport – cricket betting. And ever since then, he’s had the idea to combine his life’s work (professional journalism) and his hobby into one thing.


  1. 2002 – Completed a three-year bachelor’s program in journalism and mass communication (Bangalore, Christ College);
  2. 2006 – Completed a postgraduate course, master of journalism and mass communication (MJMC). Research topic “The Transformation of the Modern Indian Online Press and Media. And the place of cricket in them.” (Bangalore);
  3. Also, postgraduate courses (PG courses) in “Sports journalist and an Editor”.

Worked as a sports journalist in various print and online media for almost 10 years.  For the last few years he worked as the editor-in-chief of a large news media outlet.

His duties included: selecting news, forming the agenda for this online resource, analyzing the market for sports events and as well as the formation of predictions about the flagships in the upcoming season, championship, match.

For the last two years he is deeply involved in analytics and forecasting in sports and primarily in cricket: analysis of transfers and permutations in the playing and coaching staff, forecasting of matches and championships. Conducts research activities.

Since 2021 he presents our website and acts as our chief expert.

“Hello, my name is Mehdi, I’m a sports journalist and also a cricket betting fan and I’ve been a professional bettor for over 7 years. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, analyzing every cricket match and events in the cricket world.

I put in-depth analytics of sports events, my years of experience and journalistic approach in the foundation of my work. For me, the most important thing is to see the result of my work. So I will be glad if you ask questions and leave comments on our pages. Let’s communicate and interact!”

Mehdi’s reason to share his cricket betting tips on cricket-betting-online is to inspire his readers to follow his keen eye for the game and help to win. For questions and collaboration, please contact: mehdimckinney@yahoo.com

Mehdi Mckinney is a sports journalist and chief author of online-cricket-betting.