Frequently Asked Questions

New users from India who want to delve into the world of betting and winning in cricket betting often have questions about how it works and about our website. We have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions that arise from Indian players and answered them. Our answers will help you better understand how better to use our resources and quickly make real money in cricket betting and what you need to do so.

"Cricket betting online" is a specialized site about cricket betting in India, the intricacies of bets on it, odds, championships, and more.

Is it Legal to Bet Online on Cricket in India?

Currently, there are no laws against betting on cricket in India. Betting on cricket is inherently a bet on skill, not luck. That said, all licensed bookmakers in India operate strictly within the legal framework. Licensed bookmakers operating out of India also accept Indian users under the Know Your Customer system. Thus, if you choose a licensed bookmaker, your cricket betting will be completely legal. Our website features only licensed representatives of cricket betting houses.

What is An Online Betting Licence?

This is a special license granted to online betting companies that meet the criteria of the relevant licensing authority. Bookmakers need to have a license in the jurisdiction in which they are located in order for their activity to be considered legal. In fact, the license confirms that the bookmaker is under regulation and gives him the right to offer his services to bettors. The licensing criteria vary slightly from one regulator to another, but the basic principle of issuance is that the bookmaker must operate with fairness. If an online betting site violates any requirement of the license and fails to fulfill its obligations, he can quickly lose it.

Is Cricket Betting a Game of Skill or Luck?

Cricket betting is essentially betting on skill rather than luck. As such, they are not illegal under the legal laws of India and your earnings in cricket betting are perfectly legal.

Are Winnings From Online Betting Taxable?

In some countries, there is no tax on winnings from betting on cricket and other sporting disciplines. In India, however, this tax exists and is 30% excluding cess. With cess it is 31.2%. This tax is laid down in section 115BB of the current Indian Income Tax Act. Players are required to report income from online betting when filing their income tax returns.

How Do You Select the Betting Companies You List on Your Website?

Our main objective is to improve the environment for cricket betting in India. We analyze bookmakers, study their strengths and weaknesses and then decide whether to list them on our site. We don’t advertise and boldly declare that all the bookmakers on our site are the best licensed cricket betting representatives in India. They got this honor through a hard fight and have the right to take their place in our ranking.

How Many Bookmakers Can I Choose?

You can change bookmakers whenever you want, there are no restrictions. In the Indian betting market, there is a constant struggle between bookmakers for new and regular users. There is a silver lining for the players, as betting is constantly evolving and getting better. So, if at some point you realise that your bookmaker is not satisfying you and you find something better on our website, you can easily and without any difficulty create an account, fund your gaming account and start earning with a new licensed Indian bookmaker! Also, many users prefer to switch bookmakers, as there are welcome bonuses available for all new users. That means if you make a deposit and get a bonus from one bookmaker, you can also do it at any other bookmaker and earn even more.

Why Do the Odds and Lines Differ From Site to Site?

Setting the lines and odds are engaged in highly skilled professionals. They analyze all the factors that may affect the match: the form of team players, its position in the standings, the importance of the match, etc. After that, they set the line and odds. Analysts in different betting companies are different, and they often have different opinions. For this reason, lines and odds may differ. The odds are also influenced by the volume of bets. The bookmaker’s artificial intelligence system analyzes the flow of bets and adjusts the odds based on this data. Also the odds may be affected by the margin of the betting company and promotions.

What Other Types of Entertainment Do Your Bookmakers Offer? Or Just Only Cricket?

Cricket in India is the most popular sport and bookmakers are well aware of this. That’s why they put a lot of emphasis on the sport and develop special bonus offers for new and regular bettors timed to major events in the world of cricket. With that, a large number of other sports and sports disciplines are available for you. Different bookmakers’ sports disciplines may differ slightly, but you will definitely find dozens available for your betting and be able to satisfy all your gambling needs and earn money.

Why Do Licensed Bookmakers Require Verification?

Verification is necessary to ensure that you are not in breach of the bookmaker’s rules and requirements. You confirm that you are an Indian player over the age of 18 and that you have no other verified betting accounts. This tool is also an additional safeguard against money laundering and other fraudulent transactions. Going through verification also ensures that no one but you can use your betting account and handle your money.

What is a Welcome Bonus and What Other Bonuses Do Bookmakers Offer?

Every bookmaker tries to be relevant and to attract more and more new players, expanding its influence and reputation. That’s why bookmakers create special welcome offers for new players. These are usually bonus money on the first deposit or free bets, which allow players to win more. Every bookmaker also has seasonal bonuses as part of promotions in connection with major sporting and sporting events. Bookmakers advertise these bonuses directly on their website in the form of banners.

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